The Gluten Free Garcias

Living gluten free in a gluten filled world!

About our Family June 26, 2012

We are the Gluten Free Garcias, uh…that either sounds like a group of circus performers or a really weird group of super heroes! Ha ha!

Mac- The Dad – artist extrodonaire! An amazing caricature artist who draws in and around the Houston, Texas area. Visit his page at

Stef – The Mommy – stay at home wife and Mommy. I am so excited to write this blog and share what I have learned on our gluten and dairy free journey with you!,

Mackie – The Son – He is 3 and boy he has his own BIG personality! He loves dinosaurs, horses and his Tia (Aunt) Angie! He is a super picky eater on top of having food allergies. He has eczema and he is being treated by a holistic doctor right now, but it is much better than what it was when he was one.

Marissa – The Daughter – She will be one in June and is sweet, sweet girl! She is growing every day and can’t wait to see her personality come out more in the following months!

We live in Magnolia, Texas and live a gluten and dairy free lifestyle. Mackie was diagnosed with both gluten and dairy intolerances in December of 2010 and Stef was diagnosed with the same in January of 2011. So needless to say, our whole lives flipped upside down in the food department. We will be sharing our adventures and stories along the way, so hopefully you stick around and get to know us!

God Bless!

The Garcias


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